Kiss Me Again Photography | About

Hello! It's me, Brenda Arroyo, the crazy lady behind the camera! How are you? Just kidding, you don't need to answer that; we're here to discuss me!  I do hope you're well, though. 

Have you ever been kissed so soft and so sweet that one kiss wasn't enough?
Well, I've been blessed with some lovely kisses in my life. 
I've caught myself saying, "kiss me again", I want just a little more of that soft-sweetness.
Well yeah, that's what I want to do for you when I take your picture. I want to do it so well that you're going to want more ;)

I have made a home for myself in Atwater, CA. But I like to travel all over the state for that special picture. 

I picked up my very first camera in 2010 and taught myself everything I know. But I've learned that somethings can't be taught, they have to be experienced. That's what I try to get out of every photo session, every wedding, every picture I take; I want to get better, deeper, fuller, with every shot. 

My favorite thing besides capturing the memories of two lovers and the laughing fits of a sweet family, is romancing with my husband and laughing with my own family.
When I'm not photographing your family, I am busy chasing after my 3 babies and grabbing my husband's butt.

Just a warning: I'm a goofball, I make bad jokes, and I laugh along with myself.
Don't mind me, just smile for the camera.

Capturing your memories is my full time job, but I promise I won't make it just about "work".
It will be fun and easy and I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I will enjoy being there with you, in that momen

We love because He first loved us. -John 4:19